Ecstatic Dance – General Information & Guidelines

Welcome to the global community of

☯ dance barefoot & sober // barfuß & nüchtern tanzen
☯ respect personal space // Grenzen respektieren
☯ shut off your phone (no camera, no noise)
☯ express yourself freely & authentically
☯ soulful and loving community

„Ecstatic Dance is a freeform dance meditation,
a conscious movement celebration,
beginning and ending in a circle as a dance tribe.
After a guided warm up and the opening circle,
we will enter a non verbal, non judgemental, open and safe space
where a diverse spectrum of soundscapes, melodies and rhythms will create a space for dancers to explore, experience and express
themselves freely through movement and music.
Together we co-create a space beyond the mind
where we can connect intimately with ourselves and/or others.
From meditative sounds to poetic heart opening melodies,
from tribal beats to cutting edge techno,
from downtempo grooves to powerfull psytrance
from classical music to deep shamanic sounds…
electronic and world rhythms will guide us on a musical journey
opening and expanding our consciousness,
weaving us together as individuals within a greater tribe of humans.“

by Aaron kaay

More coming soon. Or just google: „Ecstatic Dance Guidelines“ or have a look at this video:

What’s happening to people in „Ecstatic Dance“?“
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